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How are we different?

We are actually similar to the consumers we serve. These are health conscious and environmentally conscious people. There is an emerging trend amongst these consumers for becoming conscious as to where they spend their money and where their money goes towards funding. They want their hard earned money to contribute to conscious companies so that more products and services are created that help make the world a better place.

Our company works a little different. Pure Intentions Initiatives create initiatives that promote companies, products and services that are backed by a pure intention to help make the world a better place. Companies such as holistic service providers, eco-friendly service providers, and companies that make eco-friendly products & products made with pure ingredients. Through our initiatives we connect these conscious companies with conscious consumers.

More so, the majority of our revenues generated from our initiatives go towards charities and other initiatives that connect conscious companies with conscious consumers and in turn make the world a better place. The aim is not to generate profits exclusive for ourselves as business owners but rather to set up a revenue stream to help give back and support real change for the health of people and the environment. Pure intentions is where is all starts.

On behalf of our company and the companies in our network, we thank you for your support.

Pure Intentions Network is a one-stop site to search and discover companies, products and services that will resonate with conscious consumers giving them an opportunity to support these business owners that have made a conscious decision to make the world a better place.

We did the work for you and made it quick and easy to search holistic service providers, eco-friendly services providers, products made with pure ingredients & eco-friendly products.

Shop Pure Intentions

We search the world for products that are made with pure ingredients and are as close as possible to what Mother Nature intended. Products that are good in the body, on the body, and in the environment. Safe for you and the world.

These products are made with safe ingredients and comply with the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen.

By purchasing these products you are supporting companies that are backed by a pure intention to make the world a better place.

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